Welcome to the Hieroglyph 3 homepage.  Here you will find the latest news, information, and events that are happening with the Hieroglyph 3 framework.

To learn more about Hieroglyph 3, you can head over to the about page for a description of the framework.  You can also check out the samples page for a glimpse of what the framework can do. If you are already familiar with Hieroglyph 3 and want to get started coding, please visit the Hieroglyph 3 codeplex page to get the latest copy of the source code.

If you like this framework, and want to support further development of it, please consider purchasing a copy of Practical Rendering and Computation with Direct3D 11.  This book uses the Hieroglyph 3 framework for all of its sample programs, and provides a wealth of important and interesting information on Direct3D 11.